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Lashes & Microblading

Want to enhance your natural lashes? Fuller, thicker, longer & Darker.

Extend your lashes to the length you’ve always wanted. Wake up and go. Swim, Shower & continue with your regular day-to-day routine. Be conscious not to rub and use OIL FREE make-up remover. Don’t forget to give your lashes a brush every once in a while.

New Set – $150-$250

Our selection includes mink lashes and 100% silk Individual Lashes for this service.

* Promo: Prebook your first 2 week fill and it will be complimentary.

2 Week Lash Fill – $55

3 Week Lash Fill – $75

4 Week Lash Fill – 90 minute service $95

Lashes can become a bit twisted after a few weeks. Get some removed and replaced! A fill is required to keep lashes looking neat and full. Don’t wait too long . . . if you only have a few left on each eye, a new set will be required. We recommend having them filled every 2-3 weeks for best results. *Please note the weekly lash fill price is dependant on how well they have been taken of, please speak with your lash tech regarding home care.

Mini Set -50 minute service from $65

Would you like to try lash extensions, but aren’t ready to commit?? Try 45 minute mini set!!

Mini Lash Fill – from $35

Need a touch up before a special occasion, or don’t want to wait a full 2 weeks for a fill. This 15-30 minute service is for you!

Lash Removal – 30 minute service from $30

We recommend lashes be professionally removed. It requires a specific lash gel remover and are removed individually to avoid damage to your natural lashes. Do not pull or cut the lashes off.

Microblading AfterCare

For a fantastic set of eyebrows, you need knowledge about microbalding … You also need to have the patience to apply well aftercare after the procedure.

Microblading Services:

$400 & up

Includes complimentary touchup within 8 weeks

Other Microblading Services:




Microblading is semi permanent, superficial solution to sparse, over plucked, overwaxed and thinning eyebrows. It is ideal to cover scars and gaps, define shape, create an arch and fill in the brows. Microblading allows to construct natural looking eyebrows for people with very little or no brow hairs. This procedure is perfect for both men and women. Eyebrow Microblading is a manual method of depositing a small amount of ink in the outer layer of the skin without reaching the dermis.The needle used in manual microblading is 3 times thinner than the one used in machine, which allows to create very fine, crisp hair strokes that do not blur after healing.

Lashes Extensions AfterCare

Care-Instructions. Though eyelash extensions are easy to maintain, the first twenty-four hours are crucial for a strong bond. You should keep your lashes dry and avoid touching them.