It’s important to have your hair trimmed every couple of months. This keeps split ends from becoming a bigger problem. If you don’t cut the split ends, they just continue to split all the way up, so it’s good to stop them with a trim.

Oil Hair Before Washing

Putting oil (coconut oil, sesame oil, etc.) in your hair can keep it from splitting when putting shampoo in it. Even if you use conditioner, you should oil your hair. It keeps it hydrated, which means it’s less likely to split.

Use Leave-In Conditioner

Since split ends usually occur after your hair is dry, a leave-in conditioner can keep the hair hydrated enough so it doesn’t split. You don’t need to invest in expensive leave-in conditioners. You can simply use oils such coconut oil, almond oil, etc. as conditioners.

Don’t Over Dry Your Hair

Over drying is what causes hair to split. Start with towel drying your hair and then use a blow dryer. Once it’s dry, be sure to stop. It’s better to leave your hair damp than to have it over dried.

With these tips, you can avoid split ends. Contact our hair salon Davie FL today for our trim. The more you see us, the better your hair will look.


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